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About this HDH 40 IPTV Box:

  • HDH 40 IPTV Box Operates  Android 10
  • 2GB RAM 16GB Storage
  • 4k Video Resolution
  • Stunning HD video quality immerse yourself in the action with rich, vibrant video streaming up to 1080p HD
  • 1 HDMI, 1 Charger, 1 Remote
  • SD Port for memory expansion
  • DVR Recording Available
  • Box Storage and Cloud Storage both are available to store DVR Recordings
  • WiFi access (no need for cable) and can be taken with you anywhere and even be used on your smartphones hotspot
  • Quick and easy setup sets up wireless in minutes with just a few simple steps
  • Web Browser with fast internet speed
  • Use all of your Social Media Accounts(Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, WhatsApp) with the best display.
  • Play your favorite games in the H40 Android Streaming TV Box by attaching the moue, keyboard or Gaming Handles with the box.
  • Clock on the of the display


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Brand: H40 Streaming Android Box
Connectivity Technology: HDMI, USB
Control Method: Remote
Model Year: 2021


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10 reviews for H40 Streaming Box

  1. John B Smith

    Nothing to complain here by far if not the best set up box ever movies and TV shows in 4k I haven’t seen anything like that TV box and box does deliver watch full movies,shows and live channels uninterrupted and no buffering at all must have good WiFi and strong signal your movies are 4k I really do hope this company does well very satisfied #1 top seller…

  2. Barbara Cyrus

    I’ve never experienced such an amazing quality of a TV box. It has many new generation features. My kids are loving it.

  3. Mark Thomson

    I’ve tested the Fire Box, Roku Box (the new one), And the H40 TV box works far better than the rest. No buffering; no waiting. It interacts with Amazon Prime and Netflix, Youtube without a problem. I have used different company TV Boxes and combined with the H40 TV box it’s unbeatable. I pump to my provider Now thru it and the signal is great. I got rid of all my cable boxes and have the Internet only. Saved over $75 a month. Thank you hdhtv

  4. Marshall York

    Really an excellent product right out of the box! This gives all the hardware features I was looking for and is a lot more powerful than other models I have used. To describe it best this is really much more than just making your TV a smart TV. The software build is excellent and I really like it.

  5. Arthur West Jr

    The lady make me understand very well. I understand everything. She gave me all details. I borrowed that device in very reasonable price including my favorite channels. I need to pay very low price and i got excellent service. I am very satisfied by using this device. I recommend others to buy that device. This is a best ever service i have used. Their representative are so understandable. No confusion. Excellent customer support service which is available for 24/7. I prefer this device for others to buy and enjoy all of your favorite shows.

  6. Gertie Jackson

    Satisfied with device, customer care is very supportive overall good experience.

  7. Mike Murphy

    Amazing device easy to use easy to grab and easy to control. The guy made me understand very well. Their services are efficient with great customer support. The guy i talked with have great positive gesture. I purchased two devices for my 2 TV’s and i am very satisfied for having this device because no cable no dish no antenna. Small pocket size device. I loved it. I preferred this device for others to buy very cheap price with magnificent display. Thank you so much HDH for giving me this new device.

  8. Albert Richerd

    i like that service it help me a lot to save my cable bill’s
    they have good customer support too

  9. Shirley G. Henderson

    Being new to streaming services, their box was easy to use and I could watch shows as soon as I received it. I love my HDH40, I cut $175 an month off my bills by dropping cable.

    Now that I pay for only Internet & Phone… I boosted my WiFi speed with the savings and still saved money!

    I love the fact I save so much and I can watch what I want… When I want!

  10. Andre D. Henderson, Sr.

    If like saving money and not being a slave to programming… The HDH40 is for you!

    1. Saved money by dropping my cable bill; all I needed was WiFi.
    2. I can watch what I want… When I want!
    3. I love finding old shows I grew up watching, both movies and tv shows.
    4. Nothing beats traveling and while in a hotel; no longer paying for PPV movies.
    5. Many apps have movies that are in the theater, I can now watch from home!
    [A family of 4 will spend $75 easy in the movie theater, my box has paid for itself in 3.5 visits]

    A one time purchase for a lifetime of entertainment… Best thing I’ve bought in years!, well except my new lawn mower! LOL

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